tır kantarı
مقياس الشاحنة, truck scale, tır kantarı, weighbridge

Truck scales are divided into two types, inside and above ground, with their modular structure. It has high strength, durable and strong steel construction.

مقياس الشاحنة, truck scale, tır kantarı, weighbridge

KABBAN  Truck Scales are not manufactured from bending sheet like other vehicle scales. The entire body consists of hot rolled profiles.

مقياس الشاحنة, truck scale, tır kantarı, weighbridge

DEEPBLUE Truck Scales are vehicle scale models used in enterprises where vehicle traffic is intense and maneuverability is limited.

While the solutions created on the production lines are provided with fast and high quality production, important economic advantages are provided.


Industrial scales  are designed to provide years of service accurately and precisely in harsh industrial conditions with their high reliability standards.


Weighing programs, which are created for vehicle scales and platform scales as required, that you can access via weighing records.


iraq truck scale

Our Exports Continue

As our globally valuable bussiness partners requested, our Anadolu truck scales were delivered to Jordan, Kuwait and finally to Iraq, respectively. Anadolu truck scales continue to prove itself in the Middle East with its robustness and quality as well as in our country.